In Hlinsko there was grand opening with a new bio boiler!

On 28 April 2014 a new boiler for biomass burning was officially put into operation in the central boiler plant in Hlinsko. The second boiler on this source, this time with a power of 2.0 MW, was produced and supplied by company TTS from Třebíč. The boiler will be used to burn regional wood biofuels (especially wood chips, sawdust and wood shavings). The heat from the boiler plant heat approximately 1500 flats, elementary schools, nursery schools and other buildings. Newly the heat will be produced exclusively from biomass, gas remains only as a reserve. This step will stabilize the heat price for customers in Hlinsko when many heating plants will be forced to respond to lower sales due to the previous warm winter. Besides the representatives of the operators and the city, the members of the Czech Parliament, led by the former Minister of Industry and Trade Milan Urban, took part in the ceremony.