Grand opening of the boiler plant in Trebišov

On May 25, 2016, there was grand opening of a new boiler plant in Trebišov, which will heat the whole city by burning straw bales and wooden chips. The main parts of the boiler room are two industrial boilers by company TTS from Třebíč, each with a capacity of 4 MW. Both boilers are equipped with electrofilter installations respectively with fabric filter to reduce dust emissions.

The entire construction of the new resource and related investments reached EUR 9.5 million and partly were supported through the Norwegian Fund. The investor and operator of the new boiler plant is company Trebišovská energetická, s.r.o, belonging to the heating group covered by company Národná energetická, a.s. This energy group operates in Slovakia several central heat supply systems that use renewable sources of energy (Hriňová, Hnúšťa, Žarnovica, Poltár , Tlmače, Kysucké Nové Mesto, Medzilaborce).