Ceremonial lighting a fire in the boiler in Ostrov

On July 21, 2016, a newly produced wood chip boiler VESKO-B with a capacity of 8 MW was solemnly put into operation for company Ostravská teplárenská, a.s.

The aim of the project was the construction of a completely new boiler capable of autonomous operation, independently of the existing heating plant, allowing gradual replacement of the outdated coal boilers for new technologies. The construction of modern biomass boiler started in February and it will be fully put into operation at the end of this year after all operational tests. It will complete the existing three coal boilers.

Part of the project was the construction of a new building for the boiler, the installation of its own technological boiler room with accessories and the technology of two-stage flue gas cleaning, including  a new 40 m chimney. The new boiler burns approximately from 20 to 24 thousand tons of wood chips per year. Its operation is automated thanks to the latest technology. It will work under the supervision of trained staff.