In Dukovany, they started to use biomass for heating

The locality of Dukovany is another place where the wood chip boiler was put into operation produced by company TTS Boilers.

The operation of the heating plant was officially started on Saturday, November 18, 2017. The heating plant which was built on a green meadow is operated by Dukovanská teplárenská s. r.o. and it will also heat the local castle. “During the first phase of the event the biomass plant will heat not only 60 households but also larger buildings such as residential houses, nursery school , firehouse, local companies, supermarket or mentioned castle Dukovany. The early classicist building will be unique in its way – there are not many similar historical buildings that would be heated by renewable resources.

In the heating plant there is an installed wood chip boiler with a capacity of 1,5 MW. The same type will be fitted during the second stage, so the total output of the heating plant in Dukovany will be 3 MW. Their operation will bring considerable savings for people and the village as well, as they still use expensive elektricity for heating or replace with non-organic coal.

People will pay for heat half less. “It has historical reasons,” explained the mayor of the locality under which the operating s.r.o. falls. “When the nearby nuclear power plant was building, they promised cost price, very low price for elektricity for the locality of Dukovany. But then it became the most expensive heating. Investments to the first phase were 48 milions crowns, where 52% of this sum was obtained like a grant from the Ministry of Industry and Trade . “A second stage is now being prepared where will be covered all remaining buildings. There are 840 inhabitants in the locality of Dukovany, whose annual budget for 2017 is about 65 millions crowns. The construction of the heating plant will significantly contribute to the ecologicalization of the locality.